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About us

Orientedworld is a consultancy committed to gather information, provide analysis, and facilitate contacts between Asia and Europe.
Orientedworld – incorporated in London since 2015 – was created to address one of the major issues of our time: the power shift to the East – with China at its centre – and its implications for the West.
At Orientedworld we strive to help clients gain better insights into this power shift – and draw a benefit from it.
Through our work, we want to contribute to improving relations and mutual understanding between the East and the West.


Orientedworld provides clients with ad-hoc studies, strategic intelligence reports and tailored advice to reach more informed and focused decisions.
Collecting information (open source)
We strive to develop innovative connections between pieces of available information to help you gain broader insights.
On selected topics, Orientedworld is able to gather intelligence. However, we only do this if it is in line with our mission and values.
oriented world
Facilitating contacts

We are committed to facilitating dialogue and establishing contacts between stakeholders in Asia, Europe and America.

The power shift to the Orient – with China at its centre – offers unprecedented opportunities, but also challenges, to the West.


We use both traditional and unconventional analytic tools – leveraging an extensive network – to help clients reach more informed and focused decisions.
  • Orientedworld’s team is able to deal with discreet and sensitive topics.
  • Note that we provide knowledge services exclusively. We do not lobby. We only accept those projects that are in line with our standards.
  • We only accept an assignment if we are certain that we can provide significant value and fully meet the client’s needs and expectations.
  • We are a small team – but we can reach a wide range of stakeholders at various levels in government and the private sector.
  • Fee structure: Our fees are based on a social enterprise structure, 10% will be donated to a charity of your choice.
oriented world
oriented world


To find out whether we can be a valuable resource to you, please email us at:
or you can write to us at:
Orientedworld Ltd, 33 Cork Street – Mayfair London, W1S 3NQ – United Kingdom
Work with us
If you think you could be an asset for orientedworld and contribute to our mission, please get in touch: network@orientedworld.com
Orientedworld Ltd, 33 Cork Street – Mayfair London, W1S 3NQ – United Kingdom